Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 3 of the Challenge

Today we rode out of the pennines and into the Yorkshire Dales where we were greeted by the highest pub in England. We were told to serve ourselves, put the payment for drinks were free providing we peeled a whole sack of spuds between us!

A sack of spuds later we left the pub across country for some amazing scenary and downhill sections.

Elliot: Another good but long day. The addition of free beer and a good downhill section cheered everyone up. A longer day tomorrow then onto the home streach! Bring on the beers on the final day!

Marc: Day started on a high, Mel an Darryn supplying cups of tea and nothing was to much trouble. Maybe this could be a new sideline?? As for the ride, it was fantastic and a big shout has to go out to the Tann Inn for the free cider even thou it did cost a few spuds to peel. Back to the ride. Good day, fantasic sceneary and i managed to stay on the bike all day although seeing as i have come off it about half a dozen times i though it would be good if Pete caught me up on the scar's board. Night Night Bloggers!

Peter: Yet another fab day the ride was just superb. The gravel rash and the ever more sore bum is not dampening my spirits.

Adam: Well that's it I am definetly not a mountain biker!! Why does I always fall on my right knee???? Sorry chaps making you wait till i finished my Guiness Roast Beef sarnie and chips :). Roads were good today got our heads down and got some good mileage covered. Long un tommorrow but hey ho nearly there, Dont forget you can still sponsor us Kelly Amanda and Joy ;oP

John: After a nice day on the road to get over the totally exhausting long first day it was good to get back off road for some of the time today… although the bike carrying sections did get me longing for the road again! The stop for lunch at the Tann Inn will be very memorable with the free beer but having to earn it… what a shame there was not enough peelers to go around and I was left in charge of Quality…. Well after a telling off for us leaving the bruised pieces of spud in!!
Thanks to a bit of first aid on route Pete was back up and cycling in no time. Plus a puncture fix on Justin’s bike – all in a days cycle.

Justin: To be updated later

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