Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 4 of the Challenge

No updates were made to the blog due to the lack of 3G, GPRS or any kind of phone signal at all. Let me just say the campsite was remote and a little lacking in amenities, but that's what you get in the middle of nowhere I suppose, but the day's riding and terrain covering was superb.

John said: After a good nights sleep and some brekkie from Mel & Darryn it was butt back on the saddle and go for another long day. It was good to spend some time on the roads again but running across the busy 4 lane carriageway over the central reservation was scary!! The moors seemed never ending although we did have the wind behind at one stage for a change… ok for 5 minutes. A great steep decent to the campsite ended the day on a high. And like all other days the legends Mel and Darryn had put the tents up ahead of us. A drive back to Leeds for me, Darren and Marc made this another very long day.

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