Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 3 of the Challenge

Today we rode out of the pennines and into the Yorkshire Dales where we were greeted by the highest pub in England. We were told to serve ourselves, put the payment for drinks were free providing we peeled a whole sack of spuds between us!

A sack of spuds later we left the pub across country for some amazing scenary and downhill sections.

Elliot: Another good but long day. The addition of free beer and a good downhill section cheered everyone up. A longer day tomorrow then onto the home streach! Bring on the beers on the final day!

Marc: Day started on a high, Mel an Darryn supplying cups of tea and nothing was to much trouble. Maybe this could be a new sideline?? As for the ride, it was fantastic and a big shout has to go out to the Tann Inn for the free cider even thou it did cost a few spuds to peel. Back to the ride. Good day, fantasic sceneary and i managed to stay on the bike all day although seeing as i have come off it about half a dozen times i though it would be good if Pete caught me up on the scar's board. Night Night Bloggers!

Peter: Yet another fab day the ride was just superb. The gravel rash and the ever more sore bum is not dampening my spirits.

Adam: Well that's it I am definetly not a mountain biker!! Why does I always fall on my right knee???? Sorry chaps making you wait till i finished my Guiness Roast Beef sarnie and chips :). Roads were good today got our heads down and got some good mileage covered. Long un tommorrow but hey ho nearly there, Dont forget you can still sponsor us Kelly Amanda and Joy ;oP

John: After a nice day on the road to get over the totally exhausting long first day it was good to get back off road for some of the time today… although the bike carrying sections did get me longing for the road again! The stop for lunch at the Tann Inn will be very memorable with the free beer but having to earn it… what a shame there was not enough peelers to go around and I was left in charge of Quality…. Well after a telling off for us leaving the bruised pieces of spud in!!
Thanks to a bit of first aid on route Pete was back up and cycling in no time. Plus a puncture fix on Justin’s bike – all in a days cycle.

Justin: To be updated later

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 2 of the Challenge

After cycling around Coniston, then Windemere we crossed the M6 and continued on our way out of the Lake District which has some of the most spectacular scenary England has to offer. God really knew how to build mountains round here!! We arrived at Kirby Steven very suprised that we'd made it for 4 o clock in the afternoon. Thanks again for Mel and Darryn supporting us.

Marc: Just read that pete is after a ride in holland, im up for that but as long as the bikes have an engine!!!
Ok day 2, i could go on about the beautiful countryside that we crossed but it was very hard to enjoy it when your body aches and your bum hurts if you walk or if you ride? sorry, try not to think about it to hard.
ok just about to start day 3 and heading up to Tann Inn, (higest pub in england) its going to be a hard slog up there but i think the hardest part will be leaving it and and doing the next 30+ miles. chat tomorrow campers.

Adam: I want to go back to bed! Hard work, legs dont work and I've got a banging headache from one can of beer.

Justin: Looking forward to hitting the half way point today, and the highest pub in England...might just stay there...

Peter: Well the 2nd day had some very large surprises in store!! I lost count after 40 mountains and the hills even became hard at 2pm. Next year I am up for a ride in Holland!!

John: Am I dehydrated, am I exhausted, am I ill, um decissions decissions but I know one thing we've a few more mountains to climb yet so perhaps tonight I will know what my body is really trying to tell me!!
Lacking some tarmac on these paths I know that though!! :)

Elliot: To be updated later, he's dived off for some breakfast!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 1 of the Challenge

The Team in the sea on the West Coast.........

The first day was a hard day for all of us. Not only was it long (15 hours) but the terrain was both spectacular and gruelling. Over 45 miles were covered and at least 20 of those miles we either carried or pushed the bikes. Below are the team's thoughts:

Elliot: A great but challenging ride! an excursion over the handlebars provided some entertainment for the rest of the team! Some franic repairs this morning helped get my bike back in working order, thanks Adam for the wheel and riding the spare bike for today! All in all a good but long day. bring on the next one!

Peter: Very tough for the 1st day ,but what a fantastic ride and one of the best I have done in 6 years of mountain bike riding.

Marc: This looked like a good idea when we read the article in one of the bike mags, 6 or seven days of easy riding through some off the most scenic county in England and after leaving st bees on an easy path life felt good. 15+ hours later and with batterd bikes and bodies we pulled into the camp site. I have been mis'sold!

Adam: Well if anybody was buying this trip Marc would be done for false advertising!! Anyhow first day done a few more to go Pint and football tonight so long as Elliott doesnt' decide to show off his lack of stunt riding skills. Beautiful scenery so far well worth the bum ache and sunburn. Bring on Saturday i cant wait to sit in a chair :).

John: A nice 22mile warm up until we got to the Youth Hostel of Hell!!! If only I'd spent another couple of grand on a ultra light weight bike because I thought a bike was supposed to be built for riding not carrying!! I could have done with a zimmer on that last hill..... the downhill would have been better with lights too! :) Many thanks Marky B for the uphill assistance!
Some fantastic scenery.

Justin: Some hellish up hills followed by spectacular downhills in some of the most spectacular and remote countryside in the UK. So far, so good!

Mark: Never has a campsite been so welcoming even though it was completely dark when we arrrived. That was one tough day.