Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 5 of the Challenge and the last day

We started the day with smiles on our faces knowing that the finish was in sight in the form of the sea at Robin Hoods Bay, providing Marc's navigation skills didn't let us down, not something that had happened yet, but we did have the unhospitable moors to cover, a place that had broken two bikes during training due to its formidable terrain, bogs, waist high heather and mud. However the day was completed without any major mishaps.

Its been an honour to spend the week with the Team and our Support, and I am very proud to put Ian's name to an arduous challenge that we all managed to completed.

Some of the thoughts from the Team:
John: The final day was here and the thoughts of just 26 miles to Robin Hood’s bay put spirits high for all and I feel we made the best of the day and enjoyed every part… ok a puncture on my bike before we left camp delayed the start but that wasn’t going to put us down.
What a reception at the bay it was fantastic and emotional – thanks all, at first thinking nobody was there to welcome us and then the screams went up. From the welcoming team not us of course we were cruising into town and longing that first pint!
On to the beach for the final pictures and the skimming of the pebble that was collected from St. Bees and carried all the way across. Plus the collecting of a local pebble to go with the second collected at St. Bees as a souvenir and reminder of what we had achieved.
What a great week with highs and great memories all the way…. Those painful times are long forgotten.
Great job well done lads!

Peter: Well the team finished the ride on Saturday 24th at Robin Hoods Bay to a fantastic welcome by family and friends.
The 220 mile ride (plus 20 carrying my bike!!) were just great I enjoyed every single turn of the pedals. Although we had an important agenda to keep in mind, we had a good 5 days of laughter mostly at other team members mishaps along the way which equated to a laugh a minute!!!
If you don't enjoy falling off your mountain bike!!! please do not attempt the off road coast 2 coast stick to the road version!
Thank you to all that have sponsored me and all those that are still thinking about it !!

Elliot: When Mark first mentioned the challenge I thought coast to coast on a bike what a great idea! Little did I know that it would take up almost every weekend and evening building up to the event! It was a great challenge and a fantastic week which made all the training rides and trips in the canal worth it!

I wasn't sure that I or my bike would make it after the first day's fun and crashes! but we did and I feel very proud to have completed it for charity and Ian's name. Thanks Mark for the opportunity and thanks to the rest of the team for making a hard week so much fun! Did I hear someone mention Land's End to John o'Groats.........

Day 4 of the Challenge

No updates were made to the blog due to the lack of 3G, GPRS or any kind of phone signal at all. Let me just say the campsite was remote and a little lacking in amenities, but that's what you get in the middle of nowhere I suppose, but the day's riding and terrain covering was superb.

John said: After a good nights sleep and some brekkie from Mel & Darryn it was butt back on the saddle and go for another long day. It was good to spend some time on the roads again but running across the busy 4 lane carriageway over the central reservation was scary!! The moors seemed never ending although we did have the wind behind at one stage for a change… ok for 5 minutes. A great steep decent to the campsite ended the day on a high. And like all other days the legends Mel and Darryn had put the tents up ahead of us. A drive back to Leeds for me, Darren and Marc made this another very long day.