Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 2 of the Challenge

After cycling around Coniston, then Windemere we crossed the M6 and continued on our way out of the Lake District which has some of the most spectacular scenary England has to offer. God really knew how to build mountains round here!! We arrived at Kirby Steven very suprised that we'd made it for 4 o clock in the afternoon. Thanks again for Mel and Darryn supporting us.

Marc: Just read that pete is after a ride in holland, im up for that but as long as the bikes have an engine!!!
Ok day 2, i could go on about the beautiful countryside that we crossed but it was very hard to enjoy it when your body aches and your bum hurts if you walk or if you ride? sorry, try not to think about it to hard.
ok just about to start day 3 and heading up to Tann Inn, (higest pub in england) its going to be a hard slog up there but i think the hardest part will be leaving it and and doing the next 30+ miles. chat tomorrow campers.

Adam: I want to go back to bed! Hard work, legs dont work and I've got a banging headache from one can of beer.

Justin: Looking forward to hitting the half way point today, and the highest pub in England...might just stay there...

Peter: Well the 2nd day had some very large surprises in store!! I lost count after 40 mountains and the hills even became hard at 2pm. Next year I am up for a ride in Holland!!

John: Am I dehydrated, am I exhausted, am I ill, um decissions decissions but I know one thing we've a few more mountains to climb yet so perhaps tonight I will know what my body is really trying to tell me!!
Lacking some tarmac on these paths I know that though!! :)

Elliot: To be updated later, he's dived off for some breakfast!

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