Wednesday, March 26, 2008

South West half of the Team in Cheddar Gorge for Easter

The South West half of the team made the most of the wind and snow on the bank holiday with a trip to one of Somerset’s finest tourist destinations, Cheddar Gorge. With its spectacular cliffs, hills and cave networks it really is quite spectacular. Starting from the bottom of the gorge the ride began with a serious hill climb which got everyone’s heart and lungs going, followed by another easier climb alongside a very picturesque small stream on a woodland trail(CIMG2702, 2703 & 2705) which took us to the summit of our first hill and was followed by a very long rewarding, rocky descent in to Cheddar itself.
Once out of the village we began the climb back up. As we approached the summit we really began to feel the effects of the very strong wind that was whistling over the top of the Mendip hills. A fairly long plod across the top of the hills and we approached our final ascent which would take us to the top of Beacon Batch, the highest point in the Mendip Hills.

A quick photo opportunity there(CIMG2709.jpg) and a chance to admire the view and then we had the long flowing descent down the side of the hill and then on to the road that winds its way through the gorge itself.

A spectacular end to one of the best routes we’ve done to date. Well chosen Mr Badman!


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