Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Monday in Dalby Forest

We just can't get bored returning to Dalby Forest. Even though the red route is only 23 miles it is a long and hard 23 miles that gives us some damn good physical training that we require, so 4 of us, Peter, Adam, Elliot and I arrived at the Forestry commission car park in Dalby Forest at 10:30 to start out on the route.

The day was cold, very cold, but after the first difficult climb we would soon warm up, however what added to the difficulty was the mud. The tracks had a covering of mud from the melting snow in the gorgeous sun that just made it that little bit harder, something which I don't think we had factored in.

But with the blue skies and sun in our faces we knew we were in for a good day weather wise, well at least that's what we thought, until half way through the ride when the skies turned grey and across came the most painful wind driven hail and snow. Fortunately for us it didn't last too long and didn't hamper or spoil the ride. Not until Pete's chain broke again that is. Yes the same chain that broke whilst out on the moors! However with only a mile and a half to go, mostly downhill we free wheeled back to the cars after a long, hard but fun day.

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