Monday, February 4, 2008

South West Training Sat 2nd Feb

Meanwhile, down South the weather was much less formidable as John, Marc and Justin set out for a ride through the Forest of Dean.
The decision was made to try and get some miles under our belt so we headed for the single track route.
Having been instructed to get some pictures we decided to head for a part of the forest that we knew would give us some good photo opportunities and make the ride look a bit more exciting and challenging than it actually was…no point in letting our snow challenged comrades ooop North know we’d taken the easy route!!
Marc and John got themselves to the top of a nice drop while Justin prepared himself for his David Bailey impression at the bottom.
Marc was first off…
Always ready with a stupid idea, Justin shouts ”Do the jump at the bottom!”
This would have been a great photo as so far none of us has had the bottle to go for this particular jump.
Marc hits the jump…
Justin misses it with the camera….and then hears a crunch from behind him as Marc’s bike hits the ground.
“oooh, that sounded like your frame going” says Justin as he turns round to find a dazed and confused Marc sitting on the floor…
Marc sticks his tongue out to reveal deep teeth marks across the top and bottom and a lot of blood. How he didn’t bite his tongue off remains a mystery as it transpired the crunch from Marc’s bike was his head hitting the handlebars.

Anyway, they’re a tough lot in the South West and they carried on undeterred by Marc’s injury. At least that was the plan….

Within a few miles Marc got very hot despite the low temperature and went very white, so we cut it short and headed back so Marc could get to A&E.

So only 10 or so miles completed by the Southern contingent this weekend, but at least we got to practice our first aid.
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laundryetc said...

Good to see Justin's knees. The best of luck with your challenge. I'll be following your training on the blog. Two thumbs up (Marc).